IQ Series

Item #: I.Q. Series (264513 ,264515, 264517)

Manufacturer: Virco

With IQ, educational seating is now more supportive, more size-sensitive, more stylish: and ultimately, more intelligent. What else would you expect from higher education furniture?

Virco’s I.Q. Series

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Virco’s I.Q. Series



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Virco’s I.Q. Series

For decades, Virco’s Classic Series™ and Martest 21® products set the standard of excellence for classroom furniture. While these popular lines continue to provide outstanding service in thousands of venues, it’s undeniable that the passage of time has brought important changes to our educational landscape.

Fundamental learning activities have been supplemented by computers, the Internet and other technology. And just as the content and character of age-old curricula have grown and evolved, so has our awareness of what constitutes an ergonomically supportive learning environment, especially in light of the growing diversity of our student population. That’s why Virco has worked with internationally renowned designer Richard Holbrook to develop the I.Q.® furniture line. Grounded in Holbrook’s extensive research and observation of classroom settings throughout the nation, I.Q. was honored with a Best of NeoCon® Gold Award at America’s most prestigious furniture trade show.

Unlike the typical educational seating of past generations, all I.Q. chairs and chair desks feature a gentle lumbar curve to more effectively support the lower back. The concave shape of the I.Q. seat more fully conforms to the human body’s natural contours. With a waterfall front that’s easier on your legs and an extra-wide design that accommodates a wider range of movement in the chair - a particularly important point when it comes to irrepressibly active younger students - I.Q. delivers sustained seating comfort.

With I.Q., educational seating is now more supportive, more size-sensitive, more stylish: and ultimately, more intelligent.

Virco’s I.Q. Series by Richard Holbrook offers smart seating solutions for today’s learning environments. Drawing on his wide-ranging international design experience, Holbrook has fashioned a diverse, yet balanced product collection to provide flexibility and support in classrooms, lecture halls, dining areas, seminar settings, administrative environments and libraries.


Virco’s I.Q. Series

The I.Q. Series includes a selection of 4-leg chairs featuring a contoured seat with built-in lumbar support and a heavygauge 7⁄8” tubular steel frame. Models are available in 171⁄2”, 151⁄2” and 13” seat heights.

Designed in light of Richard Holbrook’s extensive research, I.Q. chairs flex to enhance your seating comfort

Virco’s I.Q. Series received a 2002 Best of NeoCon® Award at America’s most prestigious contract furniture trade show.

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