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Professional Grade Table Caddies are designed to roll long distances on concrete, tile or carpeted floors. Caddies feature 6" diameter, 13⁄8" wide, polyurethane wheel, roller bearing axle, swivel plate casters mounted to a heavy gauge welded steel frame. Crossbeams are carpeted and side rails are covered with neoprene rubber to protect tables.

Frame Finish
About CC Series Chair Caddy


  • 64’’L [CC60] 20 - 30 Chairs
  • 76’’L [CC72] 24 - 36 Chairs
  • 100’’L [CC96] 35 - 48 Chairs
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Pricing Breakdown

CC Series Chair Caddy
Sale Quick Item Number Size (WxLxH) List Price Price ea.(1-4) Price ea.(5-9) Price ea.(10+)
CC60 21"x64"x38.5" $725.00 $367.00 $361.00 Quote
CC72 21"x76"x38.5" $763.00 $386.00 $380.00 Quote
CC96 21"x100"x38.5" $817.00 $413.00 $406.00 Quote
CC Series Extra Handle Brace
Sale Quick Item Number Description List Price Price ea.(1-4) Price ea.(5-9) Price ea.(10+)
ACH Standard $120.00 $67.00 $64.00 Quote
ACHU Understage $120.00 $67.00 $64.00 Quote