198 Series Folding Chair
198 Series Folding Chair
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Model 198G folding chair features an extra-thick upholstered seat for convention centers, auditoriums, and arena-related applications. The seat can be folded independently for easy passage through rows of model 198G chairs. Chair seat assembly consists of 5 ⁄8" thick laminated particleboard, overlaid with 21 ⁄2" thick polyurethane foam covered with fabric or vinyl, on a tubular steel frame. The chair back consists of a 3 ⁄4" thick polyurethane foam pad attached to 1 ⁄8" thick hardboard, covered with fabric or vinyl. Optional configurations include custom frame finishes, upgraded upholstery selections, and a ganging device. The ganging device has two sets of ganging assemblies affixed to the front legs, one on top of the other.

A polyethylene plastic cap is inserted into the top of each rear leg. Polyethylene crutch tips are placed over the bottom of each front and rear leg. Four rubber bumpers are attached to the bottom of the seat assembly to dampen noise when the seat is folded down. Upholstery is available in a selection of vinyl or fabric. Metal surfaces are available chromed, or with a powder coat finish.

Dimensions: Center-to-center width of ganged chairs is 187 ⁄8". Seat height: 181 ⁄8". Overall dimensions: 177 ⁄8"W x 185 ⁄8"D x 32"H

Minimum order for 198G (100qty)

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198 Series Folding Chair
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